One A Day 2011 #1: Start as you mean to go on…

Happy New Year!

Every new January 1st feels like an opportunity. A chance to do things differently. New year, new attitude. New lifestyle. New job. New blog.

Or old blog revisited, anyway. I’m hoping I’ll get time this year to spruce things up a bit. This layout is feeling a bit stale, a bit old. I’m going to post more pictures. That’s the theory.

I’d perhaps sound a bit more motivated if I felt a little better. The recent outburst of lurgy has well and truly grabbed hold of me, and I’m still half human, half mucus factory at present. I just hope this isn’t the shape of things to come; after a year during which I’ve been in just about the worst health of my life, I was hoping this year might bring about the first green shoots of recovery. Evidently shifting this malaise will be my first challenge of 2011. Ho hum.

That said, there were plenty of positives towards the end of 2010, chiefly on the work front, which bodes well for this year. It was as if the world collectively realised I’m not actually too shabby at this writing lark and decided to throw several particularly tasty bones my way. Or perhaps there were no other freelancers available during November and December. One of the two. Either way, I’ve been able to contribute to my favourite games website and my favourite games magazine. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

And, of course, I’ve started this One A Day business once more. I plan to stick at it throughout the year this time, not just because it’s for two very good causes, but because the rules are a little more flexible. And while some suggest that’s hardly the point of One A Day, I think it’s more likely that more people will reach the finish line this time.