About me

I’m Chris Schilling, a freelance games critic based in Stockport, UK. I’ve been writing about games for the better part of a decade – these days, I contribute to the likes of Edge, Eurogamer, Official Xbox Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazinem, IGN, VICE, GamesTM and Red Bull. In the past I’ve written for Official Nintendo Magazine, NGamer, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian among others.

I’m always on the lookout for more work, so if you’re an editor of a gaming publication or website – or, indeed, a mainstream outlet that covers games – and you’re seeking a conscientious, enthusiastic, experienced writer, please drop me a line at favoritet[at]gmail[dot]com.



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  2. Hey there, my fine fellow.
    During my spare time I’ve been writing for a relatively new web magazine, (one that’s hosted by regular people with day jobs, families etc but all with a passion for gaming), and have decided that I would like to expand on this venture in a freelance capacity but am unsure as to where I should head next? The site I’m current writing for goes by the name 7outof10 and has been gaining quite a momentum of recent; particularly with publisher & developers who have been more than happy to talk to about any current projects they’re working on. As you might imagine this sudden interest in our site from those within the industry has been a major boost and as such is the reason I wish to take my own writing further in this field.

    I’m currently in the process of putting together a portfolio but, as I say and as stupid as this may sound, am unsure as to who to direct it at and where to go from here. Any help and advice you can share, Chris, would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

    Joseph-aka Magius of GRcade.

  3. Dear Chris,

    My name is Mitsuya Fujimoto and am a international media project producer based in London for various major media outlet and App developer in Japan. One of my client is a new app developer who is sending top game developer to UK to conduct a research on UK’s online gambling market. I am organizing the meetings to interview people in the industry such as online media, paper magazine media, industry trading papers, app developers and platform operators.

    I found your name in Kotaku site as an contributor and thought it would be suitable for our research.

    I would be most grateful for your cooperation to this matter.
    There will be a cash remuneration for the time contributed for this research.
    Interview would take about 60 minutes and there will be three of us attending.
    We are hoping to conduct this in the week of May 11th.

    I would be most grateful if you could consider this and get back to me at your earliest convenience.

    Kindest regards,

    Mitsuya Fujimoto

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