Top 10 Pokémon Kalos List!


IGN recently ran a feature on the best and worst new Pokémon from Pokémon X and Y. My son James, who is seven years old and a huge Pokémon fan, was inspired by the idea, and immediately compiled his own, giving his reasons for each choice. After reading it, I decided to transcribe his handwritten list – I’ve not made any changes to spelling etc., but I’ve added a couple of annotations.

1. Yveltal!!! Beastly, great attacks, 2nd level 100 [the second Pokémon he raised to maximum level] and first to have max affection!

2. Zygarde First Pokémon that daddy found first.

3. Talonflame Just…I’ve got to have a bird in my list.

4. Aegislash First Pokémon that was level 100

5. Malamar Another one just because it looks awesome

6. Dragalge Like Avalugg it is Awesome and great type

7. Greninja its special ability, Protean, is Practically unbeatable [“Actually, it should be ‘hidden ability’,” he later explained. “It changes the Pokémon’s type to the move you’re using. The reason why I said it’s practically unbeatable was because I’ve had five online battles against Greninjas with Protean and I lost them all.”]

8. Avalugg Looks awesome. And beastly.

9. Noivern its signature move, boomburst, is extremly powerful

10. Hawlucha Awesome type and looks beastly