Games of 2014: The Walking Dead, Season Two Episode Five – No Going Back

The tremendous finale to Telltale’s second season might well be the strongest Walking Dead episode to date; almost certainly so from a narrative standpoint. Despite one or two contrivances, it was an expertly scripted piece of drama that brought to the boil a plotline that had been simmering for quite a while.

In truth, it wasn’t really until the second half of No Going Back that it became clear what this season was really about. There had been hints in the previous episode, but otherwise the drama seemed to lack a well-defined arc. Then, as the divisions in the group widened, you realised that Clem was going to have to make some tough decisions involving Kenny, though even then it was impossible to fully prepare for the ultimate one.

It was perhaps the toughest choice I’ve made in a game to date, one where both options felt equally wrong and which, in its own way, was as devastating as the closing act of the debut season. I’d argue Melissa Hutchison was more convincing as an older, wiser Clem than her award-winning efforts during the first run, and she was more than matched by Gavin Hammon’s moving performance as a man on the verge of being consumed by darkness. Not everything in the second season worked, but Telltale stuck the landing and then some.


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