Games of 2014: Oquonie

Most of Oquonie’s characters look either confused or alarmed, which is fitting, as they’re the expressions you’re mostly likely to wear when you first start playing it. This audaciously unorthodox puzzler asks you to explore a complex superstructure, a place where you can leave a room and re-enter it, only to find yourself somewhere completely different. Sharks, owls and assorted other animals allow you to assume new forms, unlocking alternative routes, though often you’ll find yourself going around in non-Euclidean circles.

It can be a little frustrating when a circuitous route leaves you back where you started, but the gorgeous, striking monochromatic art and enigmatic ambiance of the place make it an absorbing kind of disorientation. After a while I stopped trying to decipher its mysteries and simply enjoyed making new discoveries in my own time, stumbling across secrets and steadily making some kind of progress. Accept that you might never fully figure it out, and think of it instead as a strange, mysterious world to get pleasantly lost in.


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