One A Day Picks of the Week – 16th to 22nd August

Writing one blog entry per day for 365 days might sound simple enough on paper, but in reality it’s incredibly difficult to maintain for such a long time. There are some days when life just gets in the way. And so we sadly have to bid adieu to Rhiarti, whose last #oneaday post can be read at her fab blog Musings Of A Neoteric Victorian. I’ll still be keeping a link to the site, and I’m sure she’ll continue to blog as and when the mood takes her, but sadly we’re losing one of our regulars.

I’d be tempting fate to say anyone is still going strong, but suffice to say Jennifer Allen has reached the impressive tally of 234 posts, and she talked this week about a movie that made her change her opinion about something. Mat Murray, meanwhile, went to the Edinburgh Fringe, and spent almost a full week blogging about it. To randomly pluck one of his entries from his thorough coverage of the festival, I’ll go with Wednesday’s entry, mainly because I liked the simple yet oddly striking accompanying image.

One of my favourite entries this week came from Mike Grant, with a terrific piece about objectivity – and the inability of some people to engage with that very concept. Adam Englebright, on the other hand, has a very subjective dislike of the BT adverts with him from My Family (and Love, Actually) in them.

Krystian Majewski has been at GamesCom, and had some hands-on time with Kinect and Move, which he’s written two excellent and detailed entries about. And talking of excellent and detailed entries, Pete Davison eloquently tells us why we shouldn’t bother watching The X-Factor.

Which means this week’s winning entry comes from Ian Dransfield, with a delightfully nostalgic piece about his time working at CEX. Having worked in a job I hated with people I really liked, I know exactly where he’s coming from, but even without the added empathy it’s a tremendous read.

Join me same time next week for another round of the week’s best entries. Hopefully we’ll still have a few people left by then…



  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Sad to say goodbye to Rhiarti (well, not goodbye, but you know what I mean) but it’s totally understandable.

    Some great posts this week. Anyone who’s not paid me a visit for a while, do drop by. I’ve given my page a face-lift.

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