Four Links

As I’ve mentioned before, I often bookmark links from Twitter during the day to read or show my wife later. I’ve saved about eight this week, of which these are the most interesting four.

Men Are Useless is a site which sends packs of grooming products to men each month, but it was the site’s Wall of Shame which made me laugh. A few are fairly trite observations, but some – particularly the final two on the page – are bang on.

A user called Shamantis uploaded a Justin Bieber song slowed down by 800% to Soundcloud, turning it from a disposable piece of tween pop into a sweeping ambient epic. It’s perhaps a bit too long to listen to in one go, but try to give it fifteen minutes of your time. is a site which hosts pictures of inappropriately-placed or badly thought-out adverts. I was alerted to the site by someone who posted a link to this brilliant entry.

Finally, there’s a wonderful piece by Linda Holmes on NPR about some of the critical reviews of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It quite rightly points the fingers at those critics who spend more time criticising the audience of this kind of film than the film itself. “Here’s what I’m saying: I’m a woman, I’m in my late thirties, I can’t handle first-person shooters, I’m afraid of Comic-Con, and I really, really liked Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.”  It’s terrific stuff, and well worth a read.


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