One A Day Picks of the Week – 9th to 15th August

It’s GamesCom this week, essentially Europe’s own E3, and so it seems fitting that we should start with a post about games. Or rather one game; in this case, it’s the recently-announced Bioshock: Infinite, and Adam Englebright has done the writing. For the record, I agree with him that Bioshock is a little overrated, though I’m looking forward to seeing what Ken Levine and team bring to the table with this follow-up.

A post related to an accidental breaking of Bioshock: Infinite’s embargo led to a brilliant post from Mike Grant about the subject, not only because it reminded me of a great time when our tiny independent website Press Start Online had a world-exclusive review of Halo 3 up that netted us well over half-a-million hits.

There’s a heartwarming story about games testers from Ella Jensen that actually manages the difficult feat of making a tough job sound semi-attractive, while Krystian Majewski ponders the question “what if books were like games?”

Of course, it’d be boring if we talked about games all the time, so it’s only right that I include a few posts not on the same subject. Mat Murray this week expressed his love of the countryside (accompanied by a gorgeous photo) while Ian Dransfield was lucky enough to meet one of his childhood heroes. And make them laugh. I managed the same with Shigeru Miyamoto once, which has to rank as one of my proudest moments.

The ever-excellent and prolific Pete Davison and Rhiarti are both on form this week. The former offered his own personal take on Buffy The Vampire Slayer – complete with the best stick drawing of someone kicking a vampire in the nuts I’ve ever seen – as the latter recovered from a brutal week in her new favourite place.

Pick of the posts this week, however, goes to Jennifer Allen. Jen’s been a #oneaday stalwart since day one, always posting despite often being far too busy (or ill, for a brief time) to want to bother. So I was particularly heartened to read her post about a smile; coincidentally, by the time I’d read it I was grinning from ear to ear.

Before I go, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have stuck with #oneaday through trying times. People have started and people have dropped out, but we still have a core group of posters who are sticking firmly to their guns and making sure they blog daily. It’s funny; those who seem to have been struggling the most with life and its travails have been the most prolific contributors. I only hope that when they’ve reached their quota, they look back on their blogs with genuine affection. Perhaps most importantly, I think we’ve all made new friends, and I’m sure even when 365 days is up, we’ll stay in touch with each other.



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  2. Thanks 🙂

    I think we’ve all made new friends too which is excellent to see! Been a fantastic project so far and we’ve all done a great job 🙂 Admittedly I’m already wondering whether I’ll miss blogging daily. I think I will!

    • No reason you have to stop when the year’s up, Jen. If you’ve got into a “good” habit, no-one’s saying you have to stop! I fully intend on continuing when the year’s up. Perhaps there’ll be a whole new breed of #oneaday-ers in 2011.

      As for my entry, thank you. Particularly for noticing that the vampire was being hit in the nuts. For some inexplicable reason, due to the order in which I draw things, any kind of violent trauma always appears to be to the genital region. This is never intentional, but is always amusing. Consider this (vampire getting kicked in the balls), this (Dracula getting whipped in the balls by Pete Belmont) and this (someone getting “monetized” via, apparently, a money robot electrocuting their balls).

      I think I may have a problem.

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