I’m not sure whether or not it was a couple of hours rearranging rooms yesterday in MADRISM that inspired me, but today, I decided to have a bit of a tidy.

The area around my PC has always been slightly too handy a place to leave stuff, but recently I’d allowed it to pile up to a ridiculous degree; so much so, in fact, that I was starting to feel a little trapped. I decided, therefore, to spend some time going through as much of it as I could, ruthlessly binning anything of little importance, and organising the rest of the papers, bills, clippings, books and magazines well away from my desk.

When I sat back down late this afternoon, I felt thoroughly refreshed. I’d never previously considered things like feng shui, but clearing away so much rubbish seemed to result in a mental decluttering, too.

I’ve always been a little bit messy, and my desk is still far from neat (Post-Its, pens, Panini stickers, an iPod Shuffle and various other detritus are still gathered around my monitor) but I’ve vowed that I’ll make time to do this on a weekly basis, gradually giving myself a little more room to manoeuvre. While it’s obvious I’ll never be a minimalist – I’m too much of a hoarder for that to happen – maybe more physical space will focus my mind a little more.


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