One A Day Picks of the Week 2nd – 8th August

Another week, another round-up. This one will be fuelled by a handful of Haribo and a cup of green tea with manuka honey. I’m an eating, drinking contradiction, I know.

Liquid fuel of a very different kind is the subject of one of Mike Grant’s posts this week (and the reason for the brevity of another). Ella Jensen, meanwhile, enjoyed a Guildford tea party, courtesy of fellow One-A-Dayer Rhiarti – on whom more later. Ian Dransfield is more of a coffee man, and has embraced some new coffee technology: one-use filters, the future of java.

The erudite Adam Englebright waxed lyrical about Lost and its epilogue this week, as Jennifer Allen attempted to go cold turkey on buying games. Not easy, Jen. Not easy. Particularly with games like Starcraft 2 to tempt us into emptying our wallets. For the unenlightened, Krystian Majewski explains how to execute a classic Zergling Rush.

Elsewhere, Mat Murray explains the genius of the classic Caesar salad – accompanied by a photo that instantly made me want one – and the ever-awesome Pete Davison explains the genius of the much-maligned Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. This also is accompanied by a picture which instantly makes me want to see a Castlevania game where Pete is the hero.

Post of the week on this occasion, however, goes to Rhiarti, whose Very Serious Consumer Testing of Seriousness examines the tiny globules of wonder-confection that are Jelly Belly jelly beans. It’s a lovely, funny post with some nice photos of the subject matter, but Rhiarti gets extra bonus points for being so gloriously right about the good and bad flavours. Cinnamon? Lush. Watermelon? Amazing. Coconut? Yum. Chocolate? NO.

Although she’s wrong about root beer. Angus knows where it’s at.


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