Three random links from my bookmarks

I follow so many interesting people on Twitter now that every day I must click on at least a dozen links posted within their feeds. Many I’ll just read (or watch) and move on, but some require an investment of time I’m simply not prepared to give at that point.

In some cases, if it’s something which I know I’ll want to take a look at later, I’ll simply save the link to my ‘Other bookmarks’ in Google Chrome, my browser of choice. Tonight I decided to click on it to see just how much I’ve accumulated.

Long story short, there’s a heck of a lot in there. So I thought I’d highlight just three of them to bring to your attention. You may well have seen these before, but hopefully these will be new to most of you.

1. “1945-1988” by Isao Hashimoto

This is a multimedia artwork detailing all the nuclear detonations around the world in the above timespan and who was responsible. The explosions are represented by blinking lights and bleeps and bloops on a map of the world as the months and years tick onwards by the second. It’s at once serenely hypnotic yet curiously unnerving – a cross between War Games and Introversion Software’s DEFCON. Give it a watch.

2. The increasing size of video game worlds

I came across this graphic on Destructoid when doing some research for the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition. It’s fascinating to see how game worlds have grown and developed over the years, and interesting to compare the size of the maps of this generation’s biggest sandbox environments. I’d like to see an updated version with the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age: Origins included, but this is fascinating enough as it stands. The very thought of Daggerfall’s map scares the life out of me.

3. Gameblogguu

Something Awful’s parody of Kotaku is so on-the-money it’s untrue. With headlines such as “Gameblogguu Readers Name Japan Best Country in the Universe” and “Cloud Outside My Bedroom Window Sort Of Looks Like Kirby”, it’s a witty and effective piss-take of the famous gaming blog. While Kotaku has some great writers (I’m a big fan of Stephen Totilo in particular), during a slow news day you might well find entries that aren’t a million miles away from the ones posted here.

Are there any interesting links in your bookmarks, readers?


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