One A Day Picks of the Week – 26th July to 1st August

This week’s round-up coincides with what’s genuinely the worst headache I’ve ever had in my 33 years on this rapidly rotating rock we call Earth, so I shall dispense with the opening pleasantries and dive straight into this week’s posts, if you don’t mind.

Jennifer Allen took a trip to the capital this week and wrote a very enjoyable post about what it’s like to be an outsider in London. Daniel Lipscombe, on the other hand, had a rather less happy stay at Gulliver’s Land (didn’t it used to be Kingdom?)

#Oneaday newcomer Jodi Chapman talks about living in a box – and I don’t mean the Eighties one-hit-wonder pop group – while his other half Ella Jensen had her first ever conversation with Peter Molyneux having hurt her knee, an event which crosses over with Rhiarti’s Knights Who Say “Knee!” entry, which has to win my award for Pun of the Week. Martin aka Bloodthunk, meanwhile, has several reasons to be cheerful. Which is always good news.

With Doctor Who off our screens, Adam Englebright has clearly beeen waiting for a new TV show which Steven Moffatt is involved with that he can review, and he’s duly obliged with two appraisals (that’s two separate links, folks) of the two episodes of Sherlock shown so far. Pity it’s only on for another week.

Great post with a brilliant accompanying picture from Mat Murray this week as he talks of how Crackdown 2 makes him view his environment in an entirely different light. Ian Dransfield wishes certain people would view him in a different light – i.e. not as someone who is about to do them serious harm. He’s just walking, y’know.

Pete Davison’s Things The World Needs Significantly Less Of is a predictably wonderful entry from arguably one of the most consistently brilliant #oneadayers of the whole group. Talking of consistently brilliant, Mike Grant has been on a Pixar tip all week, culminating in a trip to see Toy Story 3, though it’s his entry about the second film that makes this week’s round-up.

My favourite post of this week, however, is Krystian Majewski’s majestic dissection (and there is surely no more appropriate word given the subject matter) of the Saw films.

That’s it for another seven days, then. Join me same time same place next week for a look at the best entries of the coming days. Or, y’know, you could get ahead of the pack by following the blogs on a daily basis. Then you can be all smug when I link you to a blog you’ve already read. Or something. I don’t know. My head hurts.


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