Why is it that the more you have to do, the more time you spend putting it off?

It’s not really so much an issue with work, but with everything else I could be getting on with. I have invoices to produce, I have a lot of tidying up I want to do, I have games to catch up with, and other games to try and sell, and every evening I sit at my PC wondering what on Earth I’m going to write about for my #oneaday. Knowing all this, I’ll spend time watching TV I have absolutely no interest in, or mooch aimlessly around the internet, clicking on links about things I don’t particularly want to read, but will do so anyway.

I honestly think if I somehow had less choice in the matter – if I could somehow fix it so I had one task to do at any given time, then I’d be able to get it done much easier. The problem with me is deciding what to do next. Do I tidy? Do I gather all my games together and decide which I want to sell? Do I start playing through Mass Effect 2 or Red Dead Redemption? Do I invoice for the last bit of freelance I did, or for the billing I did earlier in the month?

Or do I waste time avoiding all of those things?

There’s no choice, really. The latter wins every time.


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  1. I know what you mean. I’ll stare at my games shelves trying to choose a game to play when I know I should be playing the review code I have due. It’s worse at the minute because I’m laid up with a broken ankle so everything takes twice as long to do. I’ll even write rambling comments when I should be writing up news. It’s frustrating but viva procrastination.

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