Welcome, stranger(s)!

We’re well over halfway through the year now, and some of you #oneadayers have hit the 200-post mark. Congratulations to you all. I’ve no idea how many I’m up to, nor do I have the inclination to count just yet, but either way, most of us have reached the peak, and will now begin our descent until we reach base camp at 365 entries.

What a thoroughly awful metaphor that was.

Anyway, I digress. Even at the midway point we’re still welcoming new recruits to the fold. So it’s a hearty “hello!” and a big welcoming hug to three new bloggers, all of whom have pledged allegiance to the, erm…we really should have a flag, or badge, or something. Anyway, they all seem committed to the cause so let’s make ’em feel welcome, eh?

First newbie is the delightful Ella Jensen, Office Paladin at Lionhead Studios and colleague of seasoned #0neaday veteran, Rhiarti. She likes to walk around the house naked – or would do if our stuffy English ways would allow it – and is prone to swearing loudly in wine shops. I’m sure Ella will fit right in here.

Secondly, we have Ella’s beau Jodi Chapman. Jodi is a Call Centre Team Manager/mad criminal genius, and has a ridiculously awesome beard. Again, he should fit right in.

Lastly – but certainly not leastly – please welcome Martin Lee Ireland. I don’t know much about Martin because his blog’s About page is somewhat lacking in detail, but judging by his Twitter profile he’s a “full time greenskin, part time worker, and a slacker at everything else”. So he’ll definitely fit in, not least because his Twitter name is fantastic.

Three new people and three new blogs, then. Please add them to your blog’s links section. And please remember that I now have significantly more work to do when I do the Picks of the Week post, sassenfrassenrassen. I’m kidding. It’s great to see new recruits join our merry band. Welcome!



  1. Indeed. Hurrah!

    By the way, I still can’t quite believe you work at a place where they’re making the game I most want to play in the whole world.

    Nor that journalists have been there to see it, and I was not one of them. Harrumph!

    (I kid. But yeah, I do love me some Fable.)

  2. Thanks for having me!

    I have started to update my about page, i’m afraid that i’m rather useless when it comes to remembering things like that. Still here’s hoping for a long and happy time.

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