One A Day Picks of the Week 19th – 25th July

Time is of the essence this week, what with that three-deadline thing I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, so let’s get cracking with the week’s pick of the posts.

Krystian Majewski’s lament on the dwindling of couch-based multiplayer certainly struck a chord with me, as did Adam Englebright’s splendid – and relatively spoiler-free – review of Christopher Nolan’s brilliant Inception.

Going to see Inception was one of the first times I’ve properly been out for something not directly related to work for quite some time, though Pete Davison suggests that venturing outside alone isn’t really that much fun. I felt my head tilting slightly to one side in sympathy for Pete as I read his post, which has left me with a slight pain in my neck. But do read it! It’s awesome.

It’s always fascinating to have your views challenged, and I imagine many people will disagree with Daniel Lipscombe’s post about not liking Limbo (that’s the arty XBLA puzzle-platformer, not the bending-under-low-bars thing) very much, but it’s a fascinating read nonetheless.

There’s a brilliant post from Mat Murray this week about one of life’s little accomplishments – something he did that wasn’t particularly taxing but which nevertheless made him feel like a man. Meanwhile, Ian Dransfield managed an entire day’s worth of achievements, this time in the field of sport. True British heroes, the pair of them.

Also a hero is Rhiarti, who – despite having been diagnosed with an apparently incurable illness just two years ago – managed a twelve-minute mile. Major kudos for that particular accomplishment. Meanwhile, Jennifer Allen wins several brownie points from me for her favourite love story in a movie – I won’t spoil what it is (you’ll have to click to find out) but suffice to say that, like the movie it discusses, it’s fairly short but very sweet.

Which means my Post of the Week on this occasion goes to Mike Grant, and his simple but joyous tale of a hot-air balloon trip. Also, the photos accompanying it are really quite pretty. Well done, Mike! Now back to work I go…


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