All at once

Typical: you wait ages for offers of work and then three come along at once.

The problem with being a freelancer is that you have no real way of controlling workflow, unless you happen to be lucky enough to get regular work from perhaps two, maybe three, different sources whose deadlines are at different times. Otherwise you’re at the mercy of the gods. Granted, you can say ‘no’, but I’m one of those people that worries about turning work down and then never getting it from the same mag or site again.

Plus, my current finances dictate that I pretty much have to say yes to everything that comes my way, even if – as in this case – it’s not only all arrived at once, but at a time when I’m feeling the worst I have for quite some time.

It’s times like this that I miss the regularity of a ‘proper’ job, a job where I can afford to take time off if I’m ill, or where the amount of work is pretty steady rather than all or nothing. But there’s something pretty exciting about flying by the seat of your pants, cramming as much into as short a space of time as you possibly can and managing to get it all done. The satisfaction at having completed a load of work over the space of 48 hours is immense, and you can usually give yourself a treat of a few hours off before it’s back to the coalface.


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