Our traditional lazy Saturday got a bit more active today as we walked up hill and down dale to Stockport Carnival today, though ‘carnival’ was perhaps pushing it a little. Stockport Averagely-Sized Fair And Car Boot Sale would have been more accurate, but we had a lot of fun regardless.

While James enjoyed bouncing all over the trampolines – due to fortuitous timing, he had all six to himself for his alloted five minutes, and gleefully leapt between each – and had his first taste of candyfloss, the success story of the day was a bargain I spotted while wandering around the car boot stands. The box may have been a bit battered, but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get my hands on a limited edition Resident Evil 4 GameCube (in great condition, and with the game itself present and correct) for the knockdown price of fifteen quid. The seller even managed a pitch perfect impression of the gravel-throated “RESIDENT EEE-VILLL” growl that plays on the games’ title screens.

It helped make up for the disappointment of five pounds spent on what may be one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Pokémon Dash was always going to be purchased once James clapped eyes on it, but even his love for the pocket monsters couldn’t disguise the fact that this was a disaster. It lasted all of twenty minutes before I switched the DS off in disgust.

Still, I’d have happily spent as many pounds on the Cube, so it didn’t really feel like a fiver wasted. Looks like a night of Ganado-slaying may well be in order.


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