Twenty four little hours…

Yesterday: bad. Today? Pretty, pretty, pretty good, as Larry David would say.

I’d like to thank everyone who put up with my miserable whinging yesterday and who essentially gave me a bit of a pep-talk. I think part of the problem is that I tend to go a bit stir-crazy being inside on my own on a daily basis, so I’m determined to try and get out of the house a little more. I can still tippy-tappy away at my laptop in the local coffee house, after all. When your only human contact between the hours of 9am and 5pm is the postman (and only when he has something for you to sign for), you are going to go a little nuts.

Despite the distinct lack of improvement in my current work situation (though not for the want of trying on my part), I’ve been cheered today by a couple of things. One is that I’m going to see Inception with my lovely wife tomorrow night. James will be going to his nana’s for a sleepover (“and a midnight feast!” he enthused) and we’ll be going on what must be our first ‘date’ for several months.

Secondly, I saw a brilliant trailer for what looks like a brilliant film. The Town is Ben Affleck’s sophomore directorial effort, after the tremendous Gone Baby Gone, and stars Jeremy Renner, John Hamm and Rebecca Hall – three actors I rate extremely highly.

Thirdly, I played a wonderful, atmospheric Xbox Live Arcade game called Limbo (pictured above). Though I wasn’t informed when I was given a download code, I’m told the embargo is on Monday, so I’m forbidden from saying too much. Having said that, I’m pretty sure it’s safe for me to recommend you beg, steal or borrow 1200MS points in time for its release this coming Wednesday.

Nothing life-changingly brilliant, then, but enough to raise my spirits for the weekend. It should at least put me in a positive frame of mind for next week, which could well be one of the most important of my journalistic career, as I’ll be exploring paths unknown in my attempts to keep doing what I’m doing for a living. Wish me luck.


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