One A Day Picks of the Week 5th – 11th July

I’m going to start this week’s round-up by awarding a special prize of a warm and sympathetic round of applause for one of our bloggers who this week has managed to write an entry every single day despite feeling really quite ill. So kudos and best wishes go to Jennifer Allen, whose series of ‘Ugh’ entries prove that nothing – not even a nasty bout of flu – can keep a good #oneadayer down.

A bad biscuit certainly didn’t deter Mat Murray from one of the most disappointing eating experiences of his young life, while Ian Dransfield managed to relay a frightening experience after suffering from a disturbing case of Stockholm Syndrome – particularly worrying when you’re talking about Clive Tyldesley.

Meanwhile, Pete Davison is just about ready to Insert Disc 2 to load the next stage of his life, somehow managing to extend a metaphor for one long paragraph and still have it make sense. Rhiarti’s shortest post of the week has a beautiful, touching melancholy to it.

In light of the Raoul Moat drama – and in particular the arrival of Gazza – Mike Grant brilliantly reimagines the ending of Se7en. Seems truth really is stranger than fiction. Talking of strange, did one MP really bellow at another that he was “a miserable pipsqueak of a man”? Apparently so, as Adam Englebright eloquently explains.

After last week’s incredibly moving series of posts, it’s good to hear that Daniel Lipscombe’s life appears to be changing for the better. Andy Johnson’s life is changing, too – on behalf of the #oneaday clan I congratulate him on his graduation, though it’s tinged with a note of sadness because Andy has decided to leave our merry band.

While our group may be small in size, it’s big in heart and talent, and there’s plenty of both in Krystian Majewski’s posts, particularly two this week on the subject of space, and particularly about an asteroid called Lutetia. While #oneaday posts often tell me plenty about the person writing them, this one left me enlightened about a subject I wish I knew more about. Educational and entertaining? Why, that thoroughly deserves a Post of the Week award, I fancy.

Don’t forget, these are just my personal choices – please feel free to visit all the #oneaday blogs and read the entries. I’m lucky enough to be part of a fascinating group of excellent writers, and feel privileged to be able to share links to their work. So if you like what you see, please read, digest, enjoy and share the #oneaday joy with others. We really appreciate your support.


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