Decision time

At the end of next week, I’ll likely face a pretty big decision.

In truth, it all depends how next week goes. If it’s a successful week, I can at least delay the decision if not postpone it completely for the foreseeable future. If not, then I’ve got a bit of soul-searching to do.

Essentially, it’s time for me to decide whether I can carry on doing the job I’m currently doing, whether it’s financially feasible to continue on this path. Next week will see me attempt to explore other avenues, and to pitch as much as I possibly can, regardless of whether I think I’ll get a positive response.

Hopefully, by Friday I’ll have a better idea of where things stand. The difficulty I have is in deciding what to do, or even where to do it.

I would be practically guaranteed more work in my current field if I were to move to London or the surrounding area. But I don’t really want to have to do that – my life’s up here, my family, and more importantly the people and places James knows and loves.

Alternatively, I could look for a steady nine-to-five role elsewhere and top up my income with freelance writing in the evenings and weekends. But I don’t really want to have to do that, either. It would essentially mean giving up on the career I want, and working during the time I would traditionally spend with my family.

The least likely option is that I can simply carry on as things are; that I get enough positive responses next week to convince me that full-time freelance is financially viable for a while longer. At the moment, I’ve got everything crossed that option three is the winner. Otherwise I’m going to have to make one of the most difficult decisions of my adult life.



  1. Sounds like a bit of a tough week ahead of you 😦
    I don’t envy you as those are some tough choices and ones I can certainly empathise with.

    Hope things go well for you and you get the best outcome.

  2. Scary times 😦
    I “sold out” many many years ago and gave up what I wanted to do (computer graphics / something in gaming) for the corporate IT life. If I’m honest it’s the best choice I’ve ever made, at least financially it was!

    Anyhow I hope it works out for you. Fingers crossed.

  3. I hope all goes well for you, mate. It was a tough decision to make for me and I’m not even experiencing the kind of work you are/have been.

    Good luck with all the pitching and the work in general.

  4. @Joyrex I’d think about going into IT, as I genuinely wouldn’t mind a job in that sector if it paid well. But I’d have to start out on the bottom rung and can’t really afford to. Unless I can find a course or something I can do in what little spare time I have.

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