Today’s been pretty bloody awful on just about every count, rescued only from total ignominy by a bizarre utterance from my son which doesn’t really make an awful lot of sense out of context – hell, it doesn’t in context – so it seems a waste to post it here (and I’ve already tweeted it anyway).

I’ve also had a lot of work on this evening, so I’ve not really had time to think up anything for today’s entry. Hence the rambling you’re currently reading (or more likely not, since I’m not going to link to this entry on Twitter because it’s rubbish).

I realise this kind of issue is the entire reason our former leader Andy stopped doing #oneaday but I’m determined to carry on, even if it means the occasional crap entry like this.

I’m hopeful that this will be the last terrible one, but I can’t promise that there won’t be other lacklustre efforts should I suffer any more days like this where a combination of being busy and being treated fairly appallingly by life combines to reduce my motivation to zero.

I’m going to go to bed tonight and try desperately to think positively about tomorrow. One good thing about tomorrow is that it’s not today. And it surely can’t get any worse than today. Ergo, tomorrow will be great.

That’s the theory, anyway.



  1. Never give up! πŸ™‚ You’re over halfway if nothing else πŸ™‚
    And don’t worry about lacklustre entries, have you seen some of mine?!

    Hope tomorrow goes better for you πŸ™‚

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