Activision released a game today. Not that you’d know it.

Singularity, for those that aren’t familiar with the name, is a first-person shooter from Raven Software, developers of (most recently) X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Wolfenstein, two very solid – and, in my opinion, underrated – genre titles. Coincidentally enough, both were almost stealth-released, much like this game.

The total lack of marketing suggests the publisher has little confidence in this particular development team. Either that, or Activision simply isn’t prepared to spend money on advertising Raven’s games – titles firmly aimed at a hardcore audience with little appeal to the expanded audience.

It’s a great pity for Raven, as again it’s turned out a really solid shooter. Wolfenstein had some genuinely satisfying weaponry (its fans, including me, speak very fondly of the headshot-tastic Kar98 rifle) and it’s the same here. But with its first original IP for years, it’s also got a strong narrative drive, exceptional attention to detail, and a Hitchcockian level of precision to its jump-shocks. The opening is as atmospheric as any survival horror, and so far – around four hours in – it’s managed to pack plenty of variety into its gunplay. It’s very well-paced and has a genuinely interesting story which, like the best horror/sci-fi films, it takes very seriously. It’s not a classic of its kind, but the gaming equivalent of something like Pitch Black – a really well-made genre piece that will royally entertain its audience.


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