Feathered friends

This morning I didn’t have any work to do, and with my wife taking a week off, we were both free to do as we pleased. So we took James to Martin Mere Wetland Centre – pretty much his favourite place in the whole world – to see the water birds. I took a few pics with my BlackBerry’s camera.

Above is James’s favourite, the black swan. Almost without fail, he’ll come swimming over to James as soon as we approach the water. See below:

You might note that James is holding his own black swan plush toy, named Blackie.

It being June, we saw plenty of ducklings and cygnets…

The larger youngster in the pic above was confident enough to nibble grain from our outstretched hands, though in general the parents were very protective of their young, with one coot mother shooing away a shelduck from her brood. Talking of shelducks, the ruddy variety looked particularly resplendent…

While my personal favourite, the coscoroba swan, was such a brilliant white in the summer sun it was extremely difficult to get a decent picture of it…

As ever, we had a fantastic time. James was, as usual, impressing the locals with his knowledge – “that’s a pink-footed…no wait, a lesser white-fronted goose!” – and tired himself out so thoroughly by traipsing around the entire centre that he had an hour’s kip on the drive home.

Oh, and England won some football game later on. That was okay, too.



  1. Aww that looks like an excellent day out!

    I love going to the local pond here and seeing the ducklings at this time of year 🙂

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