One A Day Picks of the Week 14th – 20th June

With the epic madness of E3 finally over, I can concentrate on getting back to relative normality. Which means catching up on the #oneadays I’ve missed. It’s a bit pointless for me to go back over two weeks’ worth of posts (though if you think there’s anything particularly noteworthy that I’ve not seen, I’ll certainly consider editing this post to include it) so let’s just pretend last week didn’t happen and begin again with the week commencing 14th June.

Or let’s not and say we did, for Rhiarti has offered a very interesting take on Microsoft’s conference; as, indeed, has Mike Grant. In fact, Mike also commented on the other two members of The Big Three, Sony and Nintendo. In all, he probably wrote more words about E3 than I did for The Observer, so he deserves your clicks.

As does Ian Dransfield, who saved the lives of seven people this week. Mat Murray, meanwhile, believes vuvuzelas can save lives – or at least solve many of life’s little problems. And George Kokoris quite rightly expects a modicum of your time, because he is basically better than all of us.

Adam Englebright continues his reign as The Internet’s Top Reviewer of Doctor Who Episodes with his considered opinion on this season’s penultimate episode, The Pandorica Opens. Meanwhile, the web’s Finest Purveyor Of Action Film Reviews, Andy Johnson tackles French parkour actioner District 13.

Daniel Lipscombe’s piece about a hard day is the most moving #oneaday of this week: read it. Or perhaps it’s Jennifer Allen’s. Read that, too.  Krystian Majewski’s excellent piece on the Japanese Monster Hunter guide book, meanwhile, really resonated with me as it’s exactly the sort of thing I used to buy and enjoy in the days when people gave me regular work and a disposable income wasn’t an entirely alien concept to me. Sigh.

Post of the week this week, however, goes to hopeless romantic Pete Davison, with a lovely piece that manages to discuss The Office and Persona in the same breath. For that astonishing feat alone (not to mention the fact that it’s a beautifully-written entry) it deserves fulsome praise. Well done, that man. As yesterday’s entry suggested, you are indeed pretty damned awesome.

In fact, on the subject of awesome things, I’m going to take a bit of time out to recommend you read Nathan’s World Cup, the latest addition to my links bar. It’s pretty much the most comprehensive single-person blog you’ll read about the World Cup and it’s also very amusing indeed. If you’re in any way interested in footy, I urge you to check it out. And if you’re at work when the matches are taking place, his liveblogs are a particularly great way to keep abreast of the action.


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