The week that was and the week that will be

It’s amazing how a short period of time away from the routine can completely throw you out.

I’ve had this weekend to get reacquainted with life in Stockport as opposed to LA, and I think the simple fact that I have two amazing people to share this house with has made the transition a lot easier than it would have been. But the more I think about getting back to work next week, the more weirded out I am.

It’s going to be strange not spending time with fellow journalists. It’s going to be weird not going out every night. It’s going to be very odd not having breakfast potatoes – or at least the option of breakfast potatoes. Can a week in LA really have changed so much?

Perhaps that’s why they call it La-La Land – the City of Angels insidiously worms its way under your skin until you go a bit loopy. Or maybe it’s the absinthe. Either way, I get the feeling work life is going to feel rather flat compared with this week’s escapades. It’s not every day you get to enjoy the chaotic madness of E3 after all, is it?

I think most of all I’ll miss the company – though again, this is mitigated by the fact that I’ll be able to spend a bit of time this week with my wife and son. Mel’s off this week, and I’ve sworn that I’ll make time to spend a day or so with her and James in between pitching for features and writing reviews. Which will undoubtedly be great. But when she’s not here, it is going to be a bit of a culture shock to go back to my solitary workday existence after days of chatting about games and stuff with a group of like-minded folk.

The thought crosses my mind that more press trips would be a good thing, but then that’d mean more flying, and more time away from my family, neither of which appeal. More media events in this country then? Sure, if I lived in or around London – as that’s where seemingly 99% of them are held – that’d be lovely. Yet unless the games industry suddenly has a huge change of heart and collectively ups sticks to Manchester and the surrounding area, there’s not really much I can do about it.

So yeah, this fairly mundane working week is going to feel a lot stranger than usual.



  1. Eerie how much this rings true. I’ve just spent a week with eleven friends in beautiful sunny Cornwall, doing culture every day and drinking every night. Tomorrow, I start my new job, which is exciting, but also very much a job in which I sit at my desk next to my bed all day. Hmm.

    Back into the swing of things soon enough, I’d imagine. 🙂

  2. I think this week was an eye-opener in the sense that I realised I wanted to do more stuff like that in future. Not necessarily to go abroad on press trips but to attend more in general. Actually speaking to people face-to-face rather than via email/Twitter or over the phone made for a very pleasant change.

  3. Oh, absolutely. It’s one of the reasons I’ve loved the few press trips I’ve done. Speaking of which: are you coming to Develop next month?

  4. Would that I had the fundage to do so. Unless I can find somewhere that really needs it covering, alas I don’t think I’ll be there.

  5. There’s a Sheffield meet in a couple of weeks, a Leeds meet sometime around the end of August, a boardgames meet in Newcastle sometime or other and there’s usually a Manchester Christmas markets meet sometime around, well, Christmas!

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