Just a short one tonight as I’ll be spending most of the evening checking and double-checking that I’ve got everything for E3.

In truth, I’d been putting it off a bit – for reasons regular readers of this blog (and indeed, my Twitter feed) will no doubt be aware. I’m still not 100% sure of my tactics when it comes to the whole not-panicking thing, because I’ve been a bag of nerves today, though I get the strange feeling I won’t be quite such a wreck tomorrow. I’ve got more to keep me occupied so hopefully I won’t spend every available nanosecond worrying about stuff.

Perhaps the first flight – from Manchester to London – will help me a little bit, as a kind of appetiser for the main course of the eleven-and-a-half hour journey across the Atlantic. Though I’m sure I’ll land from that initial flight thinking “Christ, have I really got to go through something nine times as long as that?”

Everyone’s telling me not to worry, of course, while plenty of others have wished me a “safe journey”, which is just about the worst two-word phrase you can say to someone with a fear of flying. It’s almost as if it’s emphasising the greater risk of air travel – the need to wish someone a safe journey suggests there’s an element of uncertainty about the trip.

I know I really should be looking forward to it, because there’s stuff that’s planned for when I’m over there that should really be blowing my tiny mind right about now. And it almost certainly would if I was somehow offered the option to teleport to LA this instant, or to be put under general anaesthetic for the duration of the flight, to be brought around upon touchdown at LAX. But I guess twelve or so hours in the air is the price I have to pay for a potentially awesome week. I guess I can just about cope with that.

Spending seven days away from my wonderful family, though…that’s going to be a much tougher ask.


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