One A Day Picks of the Week 1st – 6th June

My intros usually try to tie recent news events into One A Day, often in the most tenuous of ways, but the week’s most significant event isn’t really suitable material for doing so. So in the meantime, have a read of Mike Grant’s brilliantly-written take on the tragedy of the events in Cumbria and thereafter plunge headlong into the rest of the best entries of the past six days (I was a day late last week, if you recall).

Andy Johnson’s terrific critique of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is definitely worth your time. Yes, Rhiarti got there a couple of weeks ago, but it’s always nice to have a second opinion, and it’s interesting to note where Andy thinks the film goes wrong.

George Kokoris’s entry about a thunderstorm is beautifully-written but also features some seriously gorgeous photography: please do check that out. By contrast, indoor life doesn’t seem quite so interesting; Jen Allen muses on some depressingly familiar TV this week. Though not all telly is bad, as Mike Grant reminds us, discussing the second season of the much-missed 24. And Ian Dransfield offers his opinion on The Simpsons, and how it’s sort of gone downhill but also not.

The fascinating Krystian Majewski brings us the best blog post that contains a faintly disgusting picture of the week. And Mat Murray brings us the best blog post that contains a faintly disgusting bit of cheating of the week. Still, bigger assholery can be found online – from players of Bizarre Creations’ new racer Blur, according to Pete Davison.

Despite a testing week, the ever-wonderful Rhiarti enjoyed a lighter moment involving a young-hearted elderly gentleman. I’d also like to take time out to thank her for her thoughtful and welcome response to one of my blog posts this week.

We’ll finish where we (sort of) started, with a review. In this case, Adam Englebright’s epic appraisal of this week’s Doctor Who. It’s an exceptional piece of writing about an exceptional episode, and as such is well-deserving of my Post of the Week award.


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