One A Day Picks of the Week – 24th – 31st May

Well, poor old Theo Walcott may have missed out on a place in England’s World Cup squad, but One A Day isn’t about to ignore anyone who has contributed to its successful campaign thus far.

Just as Capello is being savaged by Sunderland fans for his failure to take Darren Bent on the plane, so the most recent episode of Doctor Who is given a thorough verbal thrashing by Adam Englebright. Vitriolic criticism at its best, and one of my favourite posts of the week.

By contrast, perhaps the most awww-worthy post of the week comes from Rhiarti, and her maternal instincts towards a tiny (and very cute) birdie guest.

Pete Davison has conjured another corker this week, which, ironically for this most hard-working of bloggers, is about lazy days. Also excellent is Andy Johnson’s tribute to straight-to-DVD action films. And Krystian Majewski’s piece about the Wii being underrated is obviously brilliant.

There’s a heartfelt and really rather lovely post about the World Cup by Jennifer Allen, and a paean to another big tournament from Ian Dransfield – the majestic Eurovision, of course.

Daniel Lipscombe tells us why Lost’s ending was the right way for the show to finish, while Mat Murray’s post about his new iPad provoked emotion of a rather different kind (but please read it anyway).

Mike Grant’s post about cowboy builders – no, not that kind, he’s talking about Rockstar’s epic Red Dead Redemption – almost got my post of the week award…until I read George Kokoris’s amazing speed-writing short story, The Dreaming Mountain. As much for its uniqueness as its quality, George’s piece is a deserving winner this week.


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