When you’ve had as tedious and unfulfilling a day as I’ve had, you take whatever positives you can. In these circumstances, sometimes it’s the silliest things that can brighten up your day.

In the case of the above, I happened across it entirely by accident, having absent-mindedly clicked a link on a fellow games journalist’s blog. The clip I saw was identical to the one above, though it wasn’t on YouTube so I wasn’t aware of the song’s title. The opening few seconds gave little away of the hilarity that was to ensue, with the chap on the right looking like a rather respectable individual with his smart shirt and jumper combo, and his glasses giving him the look of a studious young gentleman.

And then he started singing.

I’m not quite sure what’s my favourite thing about this vid: the first “wooo!” which set me off laughing (and I’m not sure I stopped for the duration of the video); his hyperactive friend on the left whose contributions are barely intelligible; the astonishing dancing; the bit where he has to stop to lower his voice an octave; the bit immediately following where the dancing starts up again; his cohort’s shout of “three hundred pounds!” (perhaps his one moment of vocal clarity), which shows exactly what kind of ‘big’ he’s talking about.

I’m sure some people won’t really see the joke and think it’s all terribly offensive (though one could argue that in celebrating the larger female, these two fine fellows are doing much for the self-esteem of these – ahem – “big booty bitches” of which they speak). But in my stupor brought about by the utter tedium of the day’s work, I laughed longer and harder than I have for quite some time. Puerile? Of course. But sometimes it’s the basest of things that tickle the old funny bone.


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