Cutting it fine…

It’s funny, for all that this blog is just a simple little project, the whole idea of One A Day is important to me. Since my slightly late start, I’ve managed to make a post every single day before midnight, and despite having plenty of work to do tonight – and on a number of other occasions – I was determined to make time to do this.

I’m not entirely sure why it should matter so much – perhaps it’s because I’ve essentially taken on the mantle of unofficial group leader. Since Andy’s departure, I’ve felt a sense of responsibility towards the collective. It actually disappoints me when I write something I feel is meaningless or have to rush my entry for whatever reason. Sure, it’s not every day we can manage to churn out several hundred words – not unless you’re Pete Davison, anyway – but I always try to top 200 where possible.

I am finding I’m leaving my entries a little too late recently, to the point where I often click on ‘Add New Post’ with little idea of what I’m going to talk about. After 100-odd days, it’s not always easy to come up with a different subject on a daily basis, so I need to go back to the plan I had when I first started, which was to write down ideas during the day as they come to me on a big piece of paper, and hopefully they’ll snowball from there. That saw me through my first couple of weeks after just a couple of brainstorming sessions, so I think a similar approach might just freshen things up for me.

E3 next month presents a problem, as I’ll be quite busy while I’m over there, and will need to keep track of the time difference to make sure I fulfil my quota during my time abroad. Making sure I’ve got near-constant access to wi-fi is going to be top priority when I land, methinks…



  1. Hah, thanks for the namecheck. I somehow manage to write at least 500 words every single day. Apparently I have a lot of things to say, and it is not at all due to the fact that I am prone to both rambling and ranting, sometimes in the same post. It’s pure talent, right, innit, yaknowha’Imeanmate?

    Sometimes I struggle on what to write. That’s where “freewriting” comes in handy. I’ve done it formally I think three times on my blog – set a timer for ten minutes, start the clock, type non-stop until timer runs out, look back horrified at what you’ve just written.

    Other nights I’ll do it in a less formal manner. My “Homecoming” post was stream-of-consciousness of things as they came to me. Obviously my mind was already super-active and ticking over with emotion at the time, given what had happened, but sometimes the “just start writing and see where things go” approach works wonders.

  2. Hmm… the rules were pretty simple. One post a day, every day. Minimum of one paragraph. “A day” counted as the period of time between waking up in the morning and going to bed at night…

    No real issue then? If you haven’t gone to bed, posting at midnight is fine! If you’re in the States, your “day” will run from different hours to ours, but no more so than it might with shift work or something?

    That said, if being in the States is going to make posting blogs problematic (though honestly, E3 is kinda content-tastic!), like Ashton said, just write in advance and set them up to auto post.

    That’s what I did when I was going to be in a wireless-less part of Devon and it seemed to work out fine… took the pressure off so I could focus on what I was there for too.

    I’m not sure how many #oneadays you’re up to, but I went through a stage somewhere around the hundred mark when I was really struggling for ideas. It does seem to pass. Something always seems to come up. Though trying where possible to get something posted within daylight hours has really helped ease up on that “nearly bedtime” stress.

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