One A Day Picks of the Week 11th – 16th May

As the internet continues to get progressively more stupid, it’s good to know that there’s a small corner of it where people post intelligent, eloquent blog entries. Sadly, you won’t find that here most days of the week, but as it’s Monday, you’re in luck: here are the highlights of the One A Day blogs from the week just gone.

We’ll kick off with Jennifer Allen this week, with an all too timely post about internet rage. (Incidentally, the review she talks about can be found over at Resolution.)

Next up is Ian Dransfield, and his frankly terrifying suggestion for a brand new World Cup ad. It’s the baguette imagery I find particularly disturbing. Last week’s POTW winner Chris Whittington ponders the future of podcasts, and the problems with programming regularity. Meanwhile, fellow One A Day newcomer George Kokoris’s entry about his plans for an Antipodean adventure has a winningly daft pun as its title, which is more than enough to earn a recommend from me.

Rhiarti’s cautionary tale about ear-piercing made me wince a bit (in a good way), and her post about daydreaming also makes it in because the last paragraph in particular is so true and wise. Andy Johnson’s review of the new Woodpigeon album makes it in not only for the quality of the words, but because I really like the album’s cover art. I can be rather superficial when the mood takes me.

Elsewhere, Soraya has a good rant about politics, Mat Murray’s entry about a Richard Herring book signing caught me by surprise (I’m so gullible), and Krystian Majewski’s fascinating blog about game design continues with a very interesting entry about the grind of Forza 3.

The hard-working Adam Englebright once again managed to find time in his busy schedule to review this week’s episode of Doctor Who (a valuable service, I’m sure you’ll agree) while Mike Grant points out an interesting difference between PSN and Xbox Live.

Post of the Week this week (and the warmest of wishes) go to Pete Davison, who, despite a tough week, managed to write this amazing entry – one of many in a particularly inspired week of posts for this prolific blogger – the brilliant Things I Thought Were True, But Aren’t. The illustrations are just the icing on the cake in one of my personal favourite entries since One A Day began. Kudos, sir.



  1. Aww thank you for the mentions! Absolutely loved Pete’s list… excellence under any circumstances, let alone the week he’s had.

    • Thank you, everyone. Yes, it’s been a shitty week. Nearly a month, actually, more like. Having to write something every day has been a good outlet though, whether I want to be emotional or silly. I’m glad people like what I’ve been doing. 🙂

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