Pile of shame

For those not familiar with the concept of the ‘pile of shame’, it’s basically a list of games you own but haven’t played or completed yet. Mine at the moment is ridiculously high, and I’m sorely tempted to simply get rid of most of it.

That might seem surprising, but I’m finding the area around my telly getting increasingly cluttered with promos and retail copies of games I’ve barely touched (if at all), and as money is very tight at the moment, it kind of makes sense to try and clear away some of the dead wood. In amongst the pile are several games I’d really like to try, but simply can’t afford to spend much time with at the moment – in which case, I might well keep a list of those I might potentially play again in future – when I’ve caught up with the ones I decide to keep and my finances are in slightly better order – and buy some of them back on the cheap. Perhaps when I’ve traded in the games I do end up finishing.

It’s going to be a tough decision figuring out what goes and what stays. I think it’s probably for the best if I simply forget about anything that’s going to be a serious timesink for the time being – any RPGs or lengthy adventures I’ve barely scratched the surface of can go. I’m also going to be ruthless about the M-rated titles: if it’s not something I can play with my son in the room, then it’s a no-no. Besides that I suppose, as mercenary as it sounds, that I’ll wind up flogging the ones which will potentially earn me the most money from eager forum-goers or eBay purchasers.

Then again: am I getting rid of games I’ll likely never see again? Will I really want to revisit (and more importantly rebuy) a two-year-old game when the latest shiny new release is beckoning me from the shelves above? Is this something I’m going to deeply regret later?

I suppose the more I think about it, the less likely I am to do the right thing. Must be ruthless…must be ruthless…



  1. Keep anything which screams “cult classic” in even the slightest way. I sold my copies of both ICO and System Shock 2, about three seconds before production of each of them stopped.

  2. I know that feeling so very well!

    I’m considering a similar clearout too but I’m really not ruthless enough. I’m also terrible at buying new games. Not necessarily brand new releases but cheaper games that seem like a good idea at the time. My 360 collection is up to about 30-35 games I think, but am I really going to play all of them in the near future? I doubt it :/

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