One A Day Picks of the Week 4th – 9th May

I’ll be keeping the intro fairly brief this week, if only because I’m having to wipe my nose every five seconds to stop it dripping onto the keys, and I’ve got some important work on tomorrow that I’m going to need a de-gunked keyboard for. Nice. *sniffs*

Horrid cold aside, this week’s been a good one for #oneaday with some new starters welcomed to the fold (albeit I’m sure someone will tell me that there are newbies missing from the list on your right). So to start, let’s have a post from one of them – like Krystian Majewski’s terrific piece on the most recent Star Trek film and how and why it compares to videogames. Meanwhile, George Kokoris’ fantastic post about game mods (or one in particular) is also well worth your time.

Adam Englebright’s neat summing-up of the current political situation in the UK is a helpful CliffsNotes version of events for the likes of ignorant old me, while Andy Johnson also offers his post-election thoughts.

Mike Grant’s post about sexism (namely on the internet, in this case pertaining to Ellie Gibson’s review of Alan Wake on Eurogamer) should fulfil your quota of righteous outrage for the day – assuming you’ve not been following the story of the #twitterjoketrial, that is. And talking of outrage, Ian Dransfield’s searingly honest piece about how an eBay purchase of a Dreamcast may have resulted in the most shocking terrorist attack of the modern era will chill you to your very bones.

Meanwhile, Daniel Lipscombe’s photo-heavy piece about a visit to a National Trust property will please those who like looking at pretty pictures of pleasant places. Alliteration! Elsewhere, Jennifer Allen has a lazy Sunday while Soraya examines cookery show Out of the Frying Pan.

Mat Murray’s piece on bedroom etiquette and Rhiarti’s impassioned defence of Kick-Ass were close to taking this week’s gong for the ultimate pick of the week. As, indeed, was Pete Davison’s epic post about bizarre, baffling blog Hyperbole and a Half.

But it’s brand new #oneadayer Chris Whittington who gets my personal post of the week for his interesting and enlightening piece on the future of gaming media. It’s a subject close to my heart, and Chris certainly does it justice in his excellent post.

So congrats to him and, indeed, to the rest of you still bashing out a couple of hundred words or so on a daily basis. This guy for one salutes you.


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