Night out!

Today, my lovely wife and I went out (yeah, really!) for a delightful meal with friends, family and alcohol.

Is there anything better than sharing a good meal with good company and good plonk? I’m not sure there is. Perhaps it’s that we don’t get to go out too often that make those rare occasions that much more special, but tonight was really quite something, with the three hours that we’d left James with his grandma and grandad flying by.

It was one of those meals where the chat flowed as freely as the wine, full of anecdotes, observations and jokes, and all in the name of my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday. It was the kind of night you don’t really want to end, but we had a four-year-old waiting for his mummy and daddy and so, slightly reluctantly, we left.

Still, we’re all meeting up again tomorrow for a slightly more sober daytime celebration and plenty of chocolate cake. And no doubt more quality conversation, even if the wine consumption will be significantly less, if only to save our pounding heads!


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