New blood!

Many thanks to Pete Davison for a recent recruitment drive for #oneaday – we’ve now got three new members to our little blogging cabal, bringing more of an international flavour with them.

First up is Chris Whittington, who is based in Santa Rosa, CA., and whose blog can be found here, or in the link to your right.

Next we have George Kokoris, whose #oneaday blog has my favourite background image of the entire group. Lovely.

Finally, there’s Cologne’s finest, Krystian Majewski, whose entries can be found right here.

I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming them aboard. I’m told we also have two more potential new members, whose details I’ll edit in as soon as they start their #oneaday blogs. As ever you’ll be able to find their details if you just cast your eyes to the right, and I’ll be sure to welcome them – and anyone else who may wish to join – in future entries on here.

For all that today might be a disappointing one for many of us UK residents, perhaps we can take solace in the fact that #oneaday is now officially a global concern.


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