…I can’t do a proper #oneaday tonight, I just can’t. I’m too drained. Lost was bad enough, but City-Spurs has just made this evening a whole lot worse.

I’m not sure what’s more disappointing – that we failed, or that so few of the players outside the back five seemed to really try. We were clueless going forward, with every cross hitting the first man. Adebayor couldn’t win a header if his life depended on it, constantly jumping far too early and always losing out to the defender. Wright-Phillips again gave the ball away cheaply in the move which led to Tottenham’s winner…

Andy Gray had it right: we’re a group of individuals, Spurs are a team. That’s the big difference, and it told tonight. They were organised while we looked messy, unsure. Ultimately, they deserve the fourth spot and Champions League football next season.

I’m told we’ll bounce back, that we’ll get new players and try once more come August. But right now, this hurts. It really does. I probably should be used to it by now, but after nearly thirty years of supporting City, they always manage to find new and exciting ways to disappoint me.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. And I guess you did get 200 words out of me in the end.




  1. Sorry for your loss! 🙂

    I have to say… personally, I’ve never understood how or why people get so upset and passionate about football. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never been involved with it. But I find it fascinating that people attach such importance to a simple game. I’ve resigned myself to the fact I’m probably never going to understand it. What is it that makes you feel so strongly about “your” team’s result? I’m not trying to be an ass (I promise!), I’m genuinely curious.

    Non-gamers would probably question the importance I place on video games. Each to their own, I guess!

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