A brief – and not at all shameless – plug for tonight’s #oneaday, methinks. B4HD is a site created by several people who’ve been involved with the #oneaday project since its inception. Granted, some of them have dropped out since then, but that doesn’t make the site any less worthy of your attention.

One of the difficult things about retro coverage is gauging what exactly is suitable to be described as ‘retro’. B4HD’s name instantly tells you what it’s dealing with, so there’s no debating whether the games it discusses can effectively be classed as retro games. They’re ‘before HD’, therefore they’re fit for inclusion. It’s a mission statement and a website name all in one. Genius.

Besides that, even at this early stage it’s clear to see that it’s a smart looking site – it’s clean and well-designed with a simple yet distinctive look. It’s recognisably part of the Resolution network, too, and it’s always good to see that expanding.

The content so far is great, with a piece on The Chaos Engine I particularly enjoyed (my formative gaming years were spent in front of an Amiga 500+) and a lovely article about the underrated Wario Land on GBA by the ever-prolific Jennifer Allen. And it looks like there’s plenty more to come.

So I urge you all to pay it a visit. The contributors have given up a not insignificant amount of their time to create this, and I think it’s a project that deserves your attention. Click here, and I’m sure you’ll soon have it bookmarked.


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