When I was younger I used to hate the rain, but as I age I’m growing to appreciate it a lot more.

Perhaps that’s going a bit far; I certainly don’t mind it as much as I did. And it’s fair to say I actually enjoyed walking to the shops in the rain this afternoon. I think part of it is to do with the fact that I have much shorter hair than I used to, so if it gets wet it’s less of a problem.

Today, I found walking in the rain oddly refreshing, wrapped up as I was in a thick coat, with my iPod on full blast shutting the urban noise out. I think perhaps I’d feel differently had it been really pelting it down, but it was somewhere between ‘drizzle’ and ‘downpour’, which was just perfect for a quickish jaunt to Asda and the Post Office.

Maybe it was the combination of my coat’s warmth and the cool of the water on my head, almost feeling like I was wrapped up in bed and having a nice, relaxing shower at the same time.

The other good thing about rain is that it’s a good excuse not to go out on those occasions you’re really in the mood for staying in and doing nothing of any great significance.

To sum up: it’s good for going out in, and it’s a good reason for staying in. Rain, I’ve underrated you for a long time.



  1. I’m pleased it has rained today because our water butt had run dry and our veg patch needs a good soaking. But I’m also a bit miffed as the in-laws are coming to stay for the weekend and our plans were to go to a food festival and go shopping, which will be a bit pants in the rain.

    Is it just me or everything one shade greener after the rain?

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