Best laid plans

My plan today was to write my #oneaday entry fairly early, or at least before my wife and son arrived home this evening. This, like many other great plans, went slightly awry, thanks to a certain piece of work which took longer than anticipated and a deadline being brought forward on another. Neither were major issues, but enough to force me to put today’s entry on the back-burner, thus resulting in me posting this at around twenty to eleven at night.

Not ideal, particularly as my blog stats suggest that any entries posted this late are among my least successful in terms of hits. Hence my (failed) idea to write a little earlier today.

But with other work still to do tonight – and likely to lead well into the early hours – the idea I had for today’s post will unfortunately have to wait for tomorrow now, so I can at least attempt to do it some kind of justice. He says, fully aware of the fact that he probably won’t manage to do it tomorrow either. Oh, and Mad Men still remains completely untouched and unwatched.

Life has an annoying habit of getting right in the bloody way at times, does it not?


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