One A Day Picks of the Week 19th – 25th April

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the world of news, but the remaining One A Dayers haven’t let that stop them from crafting some fine entries.

There was, of course, another televised political debate, which influenced Andy Johnson, Pete Davison and Mike Grant among others. Mike also took time to examine tribalism in general.

I also enjoyed Ian Dransfield’s piece on Championship Manager, and Daniel Lipscombe channelling Professor Layton while packing a suitcase. Two gym-related entries deserve a mention – Rhiarti’s minimalist workout sounds right up my street, while Mat Murray’s recounting of a potentially embarrassing gym incident amused me perhaps more than it should have.

(I’d like to single Mat out for special praise here, actually, for managing to bash out several hundred words on just about every one of his entries. Well done, that man.)

A few of us have been looking a little closer to home for inspiration, with Rhiarti and Pete (again) talking about their experiences with #oneaday. Meanwhile, Jen looked to Twitter for ideas for a particular entry, which ended up being a very interesting read. And Soraya confronted her hatred of running.

But it’s Adam Englebright’s fantastic forensic examination of the BNP’s election broadcast that wins my Post of the Week this week, partly because it’s just so wonderfully thorough, but also because it’s a very entertaining and informative read.

Congrats to Adam, then, and indeed to all of those still blogging on a daily basis. You’re doing the #oneaday name proud.


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