I’ve decided to try and trim down my game collection quite significantly. This evening I’ve been sifting through discs for half an hour, desperately trying to work out what to play. This has to stop.

I’m going to be incredibly ruthless, even getting rid of games I love that I just know I’d be keeping for the sake of having them on my shelf, rather than ever wanting to play them again. In the vast majority of cases, it’s not going to be a problem for me to buy them back again once I’ve cleared this backlog. I just need to have less to play.

Part of the problem with my job is that I get so many promos, and because you can’t really sell them on (at least, you’re not supposed to) I tend to keep them rather than just throwing them away, even when I’m done with them. A lot of these games I’ll keep thinking I’ll play them again at some point, and I never end up doing so. There are so many good games released these days, that I’ll always end up trying the latest big hit or cult classic ahead of anything I’ve kept for a second runthrough.

As much as anything, clearing the clutter will clear my mind a little, allow me to focus on just one or two games at a time rather than staring at my pile of shame and wanting to weep.

Of course, none of this would matter if I weren’t such an indecisive prick. Perhaps I should start taking Twitter votes on what I should play next, because at this rate I’ll end up wasting my evenings doing everything but get through my backlog.

And that’s even before I consider starting to catch up with Mad Men…



  1. Hehe I know that feeling so well!
    Ridiculous amount of games here and I know I keep too many just for the sake of it. For example Fable 2. I’ve completed it, I’ll probably never go back to it, but still it’s there. Just in case.

    And what am I doing now? Picking up all the PS2 games that I sold the first time round anyway! D’oh.

  2. Yeah I used to do the whole twitter vote thing. In fact I actually used twtpoll to do it and ended up playing through a few games from my collection that would have just sat there.

    Give it a try, it puts a different spin on the game whilst you are playing.

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