Band of brothers (and sisters)

Inspired by Rhiarti’s post about #oneaday earlier, I thought I’d talk a little about the wonderful group of people we have left.

For all that the ever-dwindling numbers are disappointing – particularly as they’ve noticeably dropped since I took over the reins from our erstwhile leader Andy – there’s definitely a real community spirit about our small but merry band these days. “We few, we happy few, we band of bloggers.” (With apologies to Shakespeare.)

Looking at everyone’s blog in more detail, I think I’m being generous in saying there’s perhaps ten of us living up to the original rules and spirit of #oneaday. But there seems to be a bit of fighting spirit among those that remain. As Rhiarti puts it, there’s a group of us who “deserve credit and kudos for not only keeping going, but often being the only thing keeping me going too…” The same applies here, and I imagine it does for most – if not all – of the rest of us. I certainly don’t think I’m alone in feeling that I’ve made new online friends through this, even among those who’ve since dropped out.

To me, #oneaday now feels like a close-knit little internet community. A tiny corner of the world wide web that tweets, chats and blogs together. Hurrah for us. So if your name is on that small ‘One A Day’ list on the right of this post, congratulations. You’re officially awesome.

EDIT: Just realised, this is my hundredth entry (having started this whole thing a little late). How wonderfully apt.



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