Everyone’s a critic

Today, I was shown a new videogame.

Before I got to go hands-on with said title, I was invited to tour the studio, and speak to many of the creative minds behind the game, from the lead designer to graphic artists to coders. It was an enlightening look at the process of game-making, and it was interesting to see how much thought and effort had gone into every element of the game’s construction.

Of particular note was how determined this talented team was to remain faithful to the licence it carries. This isn’t your ordinary tie-in, but a game which has sought inspiration and knowledge from key figures involved with its source material, staying true both to its feel and its unique look. Embargoes prevent me from saying what the game is, but the savvy gamers among you may be able to guess.

Suitably impressed with what I saw of the procedure, I settled down to play a small section of the incomplete alpha build of the game. During my first minute of play I paused. Was I admiring the craft that had gone into the production? The quality of the level design, the character animation or the noteworthy  faithfulness to the source?

No. Instead I was tutting at the faintly erratic companion AI, which was evidently unfinished, the build being a work-in-progress and not necessarily representative of the finished product.

In fairness, the pause was me catching myself for doing this, but still: what a despicable human being I am.



  1. Not in the least! Absolutely natural reaction to have…

    Glad it sounded like a positive experience overall. Looking forward to hearing what it was!

  2. Seconded. It’s entirely natural. We’ve been raised to criticise, particularly with the ascension of the Internet over the years. You’re right – everyone’s a critic. And that’s taught us that even when we see something good, we need to pick holes in it.

    Dumb, really, isn’t it?

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