Massive cop-out

Incredibly brief entry today, because I’m snowed under with work. Have a review to finish now, and a very short one to write before 8.30am tomorrow, so I’ve not really had any time to produce today’s entry.

It’s not so much poor time-management as simply having various requests for work suddenly all come in at once. I’ve already hastily accepted another piece of work that I’ve got far less time than I need to do, but then I oddly find I sometimes produce my best work under pressure.

Let’s just hope all my editors think so, too.

Tomorrow I’m off to Sheffield for what promises to be a very exciting press event for a forthcoming videogame, though it’s arguably more exciting for the non-videogame-related elements of the day. I may, if I’m allowed, blog about it tomorrow night. In which case you’ll get a better entry than you did today. Hurrah!


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