One A Day Picks of the Week 12th – 18th April

One of the best things about stories you have to have an opinion on is that there are a lot of opinions to have. And the One-A-Day crew have been waxing political this week about the leader’s debate on ITV.

I’ve enjoyed reading a number of different thoughts on the 90-minute TV event. Andy Johnson gives his opinion, as does Matt MurrayMike Grant and Sam Morris.  Meanwhile, Ian Dransfield suggests how the format might be improved for the next two debates on BBC and Sky. Curiously enough, not many people were talking about the other significant news story of the week, so Mike gets another mention for his post about the Icelandic volcano (and no, I’m not going to say “and no, I’m not taking about Kerry Katona” here).

Elsewhere, we’ve got the usual broad spectrum of topics. Adam Englebright this week has a problem with DRM and copy protection, while Ewan Aiton’s interesting post on Corporate Deceit is well worth a read.

Daniel Lipscombe’s post about The Waiting Game reads as if he reached into my brain and stole my thoughts, and an extensive and knowledgeable post about vampire fiction from Soraya is definitely worth your time. Variety? We got it.

Rhiarti gets two mentions this week, first for a lovely post about not fitting in and secondly for a potentially very useful post on how to make a gypsy skirt. And Jennifer Allen pays tribute to the consoles of yesteryear in her Console Nostalgia piece.

But it’s Pete Davison who wins my post of the week this week for his eloquent riposte to Roger Ebert’s assertion that games are not art. If only for the phrase “gazelle-scented testicles”.

Join me next week, same time, same place, for another round-up of the best of One A Day.



  1. “Gazelle-scented testicles”. That was one of those things that just comes out and makes you think… “YES. I am the metaphor KING.” 🙂

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