So I didn’t end up having a camera shoved down my throat today. Evidently I’d been slightly misled by my GP, and it turned out my appointment was merely to discuss my condition with the hospital doctor (who was the one who performed my first gastroscopy). He suggested a few things which might be exacerbating my condition and wrote a note I now have to give to my GP with the details of some different medicines to try.

He was a little vague on the details of what these might do, but it’s nice to know that something is being done for a change. The gastroscopy is going to happen, and soon by the sound of things – he’d marked that particular box on the green form I had to hand in at reception with ‘urgent’, and apparently I’m also going to be having an ultrasound. They took four blood samples for tests, and I was sent on my merry way. Naturally him asking the question “has your family had any history of cancer?” has me hoping I can get all of the above sorted out as soon as possible, just so I can rule out that particular possibility.

In a weird way, after building myself up for the procedure, it felt oddly disappointing not to be able to get it over with, but then it did ensure I was back home in plenty of time for the Manchester derby…




  1. Which was disappointing in itself. Glad you’re ok though. If it helps, the best piece of news I had today was that you’re ok x

  2. I can understand why you felt disappointed after preparing yourself for all that, but at least you didn’t have to go through it.

    Hope they figure out what’s wrong asap 🙂

  3. Add my name to the list of well-wishers too. Hope, as you say, all of the above is sorted out soon. 🙂

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