One A Day Picks of the Week – 5th to 11th April

As the number of regular One A Dayers falls yet further, this whole Picks of the Week thing is beginning to feel as pointless as others seem to think this entire exercise is. But then this weekly round-up will likely be my most popular post of the next seven days, which proves that people appreciate having the cream of the crop in one place on a weekly basis. And if people find it some tiny reward for their efforts, then I’m going to carry on doing it even when we’re down to three or four and I’m basically highlighting every single post our tiny band has managed.

This week, we’ll start with Adam Englebright, who posted an interesting opinion on Lost. For me, this hit one particular nail firmly on its head in the sense that, even though the last few seasons have had their moments, it’s never been quite the same since The Others’ arrival. Elsewhere, Adam also talked about the effects of time passing, a post which revealed a remarkable fact about the poster’s age (I’d pegged him as early twenties, for some reason).

Andy Johnson wins this week’s Best Title award with Easy Skanking (read the post to find out exactly what that means), and he also has a good ol’ rant about gig venues.

Meanwhile, Daniel Lipscombe examines This Morning’s look at videogame addiction. The show created much less of a furore than the recent Alan Titchmarsh Show, but evidently it didn’t portray gaming in a particularly favourable light. Also on a gaming tip, Ewan Aiton covers the violence debate…again. (Note: that’s not a criticism, but the title of the piece!)

Two from Ian Dransfield this week, as he takes a look at the noble art of smuggling and discusses his love of people (note: blog title may be ironic).

Jennifer Allen reached the 100-post milestone this week, a fact which is worthy of praise. Mat Murray’s blog tribute to Kurt Cobain, meanwhile, deserves your time.

Mike Grant’s paean to Texas Hold ‘Em is another personal favourite, as is Pete Davison’s post about the propensity for young men to draw penises. And Rhiarti’s entry about small acts of kindness deserves one in return from you, dear reader.

Sam Morris’s exciting news isn’t particularly remarkable as entries go, but it’s supporting a good cause – namely new retro site B4HD, brainchild of fellow One-A-Dayer Daniel Lipscombe. Hence he deserves a link.

Post of the week, then? I’m going to go for Pete Davison’s entry on World of Warcraft, wherein yet another WoW player struggles to elucidate just why the game hold such a spell over its players. Fortunately, he does so in an entertaining manner, and thus he wins this week’s virtual chocolate-chip cookie.



  1. Keep at it!
    I tend to read all the blogs but it’s handy to have everything in one place once a week to remind me of the great entries about.

    Fingers crossed we never get down to a mere 3-4 people though but who knows what the future will bring :/

  2. For the record, I very much like your round-up. I was wondering if there was anyone out there doing one as I never seem to have time to read everyones. I love it, so please don’t stop.


  3. YAY COOKIE! Thanks.

    I enjoy the round-up too. Gives me a chance to catch up on posts I might have missed out on. It also gives everyone a bit of motivation to keep at it! So keep doing that thing that you do. 🙂

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