“When are you having another one?”

This is a question my wife and I are often asked. As most of you know, I have a son, James, who is four. Apparently this is not enough children and we urgently need more children. Because…well, actually I’ve no idea. It’s the done thing? Is it?

It’s not that we’ve not debated the idea of having another, and at times recently we’ve expressed concerns that we perhaps should have done it, and sooner (partly so James could have a permanent little playmate, on those occasions where he really looks like he could do with company of his own age). But then there’s the money issue and the whole not-wanting-to-go-through-a-couple-of-years’-worth-of-sleepless-nights thing. And it’d be disruptive for James and Mel would have to give up work again and…

Basically, there are dozens of cons, and not too many pros. As much as anything, we like the fact that we’re able to spoil James a little bit, or rather that we can give him what he needs, when he needs it. He gets our full attention and is always made to feel loved. With two, in our current financial situation, that wouldn’t be possible. Nor would I be able to so regularly indulge my passion for new technology.

Take, for example, this video of a 2-year-old girl playing with an iPad. Awesome, no? And I immediately think “want one!”

Except in my case, I’m not talking about the iPad.

Nah, one’s enough. It really is.

But what if…?



  1. As an only child who had a great childhood, don’t worry too much about whether James should have a little brother or sister. He’ll grow up knowing no different after all 🙂
    I’ve no doubt he’s having and will continue to have the best childhood possible regardless of siblings!

  2. Thanks, Jen. Nice to hear from a happy only child!

    We’ve no worries about him socialising, because he went to a playgroup the other week and had a whale of the time. In fact, he says he’s looking forward to going to school. And this way, we can give him that much more attention that he wouldn’t be able to have if we had another.

  3. Problem is people will always ask and you will always wonder, even if you had seven kids it would happen. I have three children and people still ask if we’re thinking of having others.

    Personally, I never believe the money thing, I haven’t worked for three years now and both my kids still get everything they could ever want. But it’s obviously down to you, I was an only child and things were up and down but sometimes bringing another kid in could swing things in another way.

    You love James and he could be the sweetest child, but bring in another and he could become a green eyed monster and things could be tougher…………catch 22 maybe?!

  4. Chris, I had similar questions regarding marriage everywhere I bloody went.

    “When are you getting married? Haven’t you thought about marriage? Shouldn’t you two be married by now? So, have you thought about tying the knot yet?”

    Shut uppppppppppppppppp.

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