One A Day Picks of the Week (29th March – 4th April)

First up this week is Adam Englebright’s excellent review of Matt Smith’s apparently fantastic first episode as the new Doctor Who. One for me to catch on the iPlayer later this week, it seems.

On a similar review tip, Andy Johnson’s post about Inglourious Basterds is definitely worth a read (and the film is equally worth your time, by the way).

Ewan Aiton’s questioning of the suitability of certain Easter presents makes it in purely for its last line, while Ian Dransfield’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Ianassus wins best title of the week as well as being wonderfully surreal in its own right.

The amazingly prolific Jennifer Allen apologises to her DS, and Mike Grant deserves credit for managing to keep up his One A Day while abroad in a place which beats to the sound of A Different Drum.

Meanwhile, Pete Davison proves he’s a man after my own heart by admitting how bad he is at strategy games (I can guarantee I’m even worse). Sam Morris’s entertaining entry about hating PC World also made me nod in agreement. And though admitting you have a soft spot for Man United is normally a sure-fire way to get in my bad books, Mat Murray’s post about Wayne Rooney’s injury is more than deserving of a mention here.

But it’s Rhiarti who wins my post of the week for a wonderfully witty and wise entry which imagines how people would cope if World of Warcraft was their job. Let’s just say it’s not really the greatest encouragement for an MMO virgin like myself to play the game…



  1. Who is this Adam chap? 🙂

    Aside from that, you do well with these posts Chris. They really help me get an idea of what else is going in the One a Day world, as I don’t normally get a chance to do a full trawl of my own.

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