One A Day Picks of the Week (22nd to 28th March)

Before I run through my choices, a brief – and slightly depressing – observation. The number of active One-A-Dayers is now down to a disappointing twenty. Evidently I need to get this charity idea pushed through as soon as possible (work and ill health has thus far prevented me from pursuing it as much as I would have liked) but I’m not sure it would have made that big a difference to those who’ve already quit. Perhaps we need a new recruitment drive. At the very least we need a new network site, and that’s something I have been trying to sort out. Tomorrow I’ll be discussing a new One A Day site collating everyone’s entries with a site designer, so watch this space – I may well ask for design/layout ideas from some of you.

Anyway, one with this week’s best entries. For starters, I’d like to focus on a gentleman I’ve unfairly ignored in these weekly round-ups so far. It’s Pete Davison, and this week has seen some fascinating entries about PAX (click here to read his most recent entry, then scroll down to view the rest). The entries are well-written and enthusiastic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

Meanwhile, Soraya approaches a subject close to my own heart by discussing a tough choice – namely whether to eat some Midget Gems or a chocolate cookie. You want to know which one wins, don’t you? Of course you do. Click to find out.

Sam Morris has a run-down of events at the Australian Grand Prix (I didn’t watch it, so it was nice to find out what happened), while Rhiarti’s photo-heavy entries are always worth a look – this week’s Dartington Gardens piece is a particular delight.

Mike Grant’s Shock and Awe discusses how to write thrilling prose without resorting to Michael Bay-style action sequences. (Today’s entry, which technically doesn’t qualify for this list, is worth a look purely because it involves One A Day policy. Click here to find out why.)

Jennifer Allen’s 10 Ways to Annoy a Retail Worker is one of the most amusing observational posts of the week, while Jaz McDougall’s epic series of posts about Dwarf Fortress make for fascinating reading. Click here for the most recent, and if that intrigues you, read the rest. Sadly, Jaz has said today that he’s leaving One A Day – hopefully he’ll change his mind.

Ian Dransfield’s rant about Virgin Atlantic is a superbly vitriolic entry, but my post of the week – simply by virtue of the link it contains (which isn’t cheating because it’s a link to his own work) is Daniel Lipscombe’s Those Were The Days. The article therein is a wonderfully nostalgic look back at formative gaming experiences, and it’s so deserving of your time, I’ll link directly to it here.



  1. I’ll think I’ll ask the others what they reckon first.

    Can you email me about this? favoritet[at]gmail[dot]com is the address.

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  4. Hi!
    Thanks for the mention. I’m happy to see someone talking about one-a-day! I just wanted to say I am still on board, but have been internetless as am on holiday. Have just managed to appropriate a cable for my room so I hope to be back from tomorrow… or possibly later tonight… what’s left of it! Can I be on the new site? Is it up yet? I should have time to scan through your blog later to catch up!

  5. Hi Soraya,

    Good to see/hear from you. New site’s not up yet – still deciding how to approach it, really. Want to try and woo back lapsed bloggers without losing our USP. Not easy.


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